Daily Archives: November 4, 2012

Weddings and birthdays

I was chatting with a friend last night and was so not in the mood to talk. I actually considered telling her to free me biko. Till she mentioned another friend was getting married early next year. My antenna went up. I suddenly “entered” into the chat. The mood came immediately.

Left me wondering, what is it about weddings that gets me/people excited. Ok, there are a couple of weddings I am not/haven’t been excited about. But 98% of the time, I am sure I am as excited as the bride sef (if that is possible). I was already thinking about ways I could help *sigh*. I dunno what causes the excitement but am sure I am not alone. A wedding especially in our part of Nigeria is a “mere” 48 hours (usually on Friday and Saturday) and after that, o ti pari (it is over). What then causes the excitement?

Same with birthdays. A birthday is coming up and I get excited. Even if the person isn’t going to be 10 or 30 or 50. I just enter excited mood. *whew*

Been awake almost an hour seriously starving and waiting till day breaks to eat because I am not sure it is normal/proper to eat at past 4 am. Is there a law against eating this early? Beginning to sound/act like SingleNigerianMan. Blogging early in da morning. At least I aint the only one awake at this time. Poppaman too is. 😄😃. I have someone to chat with till day breaks.