The Essence of Praise and Worship

I was talking to a friend a while back about the church I attended in the UK and he couldn’t “believe” I attended what is called a white church (white church because it was headed by a Brit and it wasn’t RCCG or Winners or any of the popular Nigerian/African church). He asked “how do you flow with worship in such church”. For him, the fact that he couldn’t get to church and dance (evidently the Nigerian kind of dance), he felt he won’t fit into that kind of church. A church where you can dance and sweat and jump and komole was his idea of what it should be. He couldn’t accept that Nigerians could attend non- Nigerian churches.

Truth be told, I attend RCCG in Nigeria and I did attend a service in one of the RCCG churches in UK. Service was fine. The church is even more “spiritual” and more like the old RCCG than the one I attend in Nigeria. Still I was drawn back to the “white” church I attended. When it comes to picking a church to attend, I look out for more than just the worship and whether they sing Imela or Awimayehun or Nagode.

That got me thinking. Is worship about the dancing and komole-ing? And when we are done dancing, we are so tired we can’t even concentrate when the word comes? I have seen a lot of people who dance their lives out during worship and doze off once the pastor gets on the pulpit. Funny thing was in the church I attended, you can dance and jump and sweat. In fact there were days after praise and worship, I had to ask one of the ushers for water.

However, it seems that for most people, their idea of praise and worship is the dancing bit. Don’t get me wrong. Even the Bible admonishes us to dance and play instruments when we worship and praise God. We should scream and shout. After all, we have an example of a worshipper in David. And oh boy, didn’t he dance?

But when we focus on just the dancing part and we believe except the song is danceable, we haven’t praised God or haven’t worshipped Him, I think there is a problem. I know worship is more than just the singing and dancing and screaming and shouting and playing instruments. The essence of worship is much more than that.

3 thoughts on “The Essence of Praise and Worship

  1. lol i have been going to a ‘white’ church for about 8 years now, 3 different ones in infact and i love them all. My analysis of them is they are more genuine than some of the nigerianchurches here. I love their worship, i love that there is no back biting or gossip and i also love that no one is doing face service. everyone has their relationship with God and when it comes to the word, they preach it as it is, no one is comparing what shade work with what Demi wore or saying oh she wore that last week..etc etc. i love them. having said that, i have been to on RCCG in barking, trinity chapel, that i also absolutely love. it is to far from my house so can’t attend. back to worship… you can dance to every song.. the joy in your heart that you are worshiping God will give you the dance moves. I must admit that sometimes, when the choir sings off key or the holy spirit isnt present, it is hard to flow with worship…

    1. Same with the “white church” I attended. Funny, we had about 3/4 non- Brits and half of the 3/4 were Nigerians. But it was such a different setting. We were more like family. From the first day I entered. One of the reasons I didn’t go back to the RCCG church was service was lovely but I didn’t feel that togetherness like we have at Kings.

      I absolutely agree you can dance to any song.

      Off key singers, I at first cringe and then tune off. They won’t spoil my worship experience. I ku dey sing off key too wella.

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