Daily Archives: September 5, 2012

Life in the UK(2)

So I got in September and because I resumed like two days to when lectures should start, I had no time really to settle. Why did I resume late ba? First, my school kept making mistakes whenever they updated my CAS. At some point I was sure I was just being paranoid and I should really just go apply for my visa. But somehow I kept seeing more mistakes and finally got everything corrected first week in September. School resumes September 19. To get a visa is like 14 days. So I had about 10 days to get a visa and ship out. As God would have it, my visa came out in 8 days as against 14. Of which got to the embassy and saw people who had applied since June/July just getting their visas. Back to my paranoia. Apparently it was good I was paranoid. When a friend told me about how an I in her name became 1 and because of that she was denied, I thanked God. She couldn’t figure out why she was denied until she saw 1 in her surname. She had to re-apply.

Back to September, adjusting was bad. I cried some nights. Some nights? Scratch that. A lot of nights. I remember waking up in the middle of the night one day, sweating and in tears. I couldn’t sleep. Ended up calling my sister (as she was the only one who I knew would be awake at that time because of time difference). After talking to her sha, I braced myself and it became a little easy. A tiny bit easier. Also found it hard and I still find it hard adjusting to having to take buses to go anywhere. What happened to having my car? Definitely that put a big question mark on my going out especially to places that were pretty far. You have to come pick me o or really convince me to come out of my place. Me? Go and stand and wait for a bus to come? Ninu otutu (Yoruba English: inside the cold).

Classes started and omo, was it different? I so wasn’t used to this teaching style. Funny I adjusted quickly. Spent the first couple of Sundays not going to church which was a first. And then I heard about this lovely church a walking distance from my flat and decided to pop in. It happened to be the church one of mumsie’s cousins attended and quite a number of other family friends friends (once again, figure it out). Apparently they all wanted me to pick a church without being forced to go to a particular church. Fair enough.

Adjusting to the weather too was a different story entirely. Even with thermal wears and winter jackets and gloves and head warmers. And people kept saying winter wasn’t as bad as previous years. If it now wanted to be bad nko? Christmas too was pretty much boring. Like seriously boring. I dunno how people enjoy Christmas in this place. Went to see people yeah but it just wasn’t like Christmas in Nigeria.

January came so fast and with it came essays to submit and exams to write. Now real business started. All that play play all along…..

To be continued.

Watch out for part 3.