Doesn’t mean

I don’t know why I woke up this morning in the mood to write. This is the second thingy am writing this morning. Thank God for my pens and books all around me. I quickly jotted this down and went back to sleep (covers face). This weather ehn, na God go help me.


I love cooking

Doesn’t mean am going to make breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday.

I love children

Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna run away from them at times.

I love cleaning

Doesn’t mean I won’t make a mess since in a while and not clean.

I love working

Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna lay in bed 24 hours doing nothing once in a while (okay maybe more than once in a while).

I love being organized

Doesn’t mean you won’t meet me in a very disorganized state at times.

I love “love”

Doesn’t mean I don’t wanna run from it at times.

I love happy endings 

Doesn’t mean am not cynical at times.

I love singing

Doesn’t mean I have the best voice.

I am not perfect

I am just being me.


Oh well, I don’t know what brought about the I am…. Doesn’t mean. Just woke up and started writing. And dozed off again. Lol… This weather please cooperate abeg…

By the way, I have the best voice EVER (in my head).

Now, time to be productive.


2 thoughts on “Doesn’t mean

  1. hahahaha i have the best voice ever too.. in my mind though lol.

    i agree with you.. we love things doesnt mean we want them all the time.. hmm then again maybe we shouldnt use the word love and maybe like… *sigh*

    this weather is not a joke o! I have been struggling to get up in the mornings!

    1. I guess like is the word….

      This una weather isn’t smiling @ all o. Chai… To stand up and read, serious wahala.. Just praying for grace. I need it seriously

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