Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

Friends with Benefits

So I finally watch Friends with Benefits. Same old story… Comes with different titles. No strings attached. Just go with it. Brown Sugar. Boy meets girl, girl meets boy; they become friends; then one starts to like the other (could be either the guy or the girl) and the story goes on and on.. Till the other person realizes that “Oh, I really do like this person”; “I think have messed it up”. Yeah, typical movie story ba? It isn’t really as abstract as we think. It really does happen.

Brings me back to an old post. When I wrote that post truth be told I was a firm believer in friendship with no strings attached. We are just friends. Simple. Kapish. No long thing. But events after that seriously proved me wrong. Yes, YB freaking proved me wrong.

I wanna ask again, though now from a biased point of view, is it possible that two people can just be friends? No strings attached? Just friends? Without either thinking of moving it past that stage? Or as in the case of the typical Hollywood movie, just sex partners without any additions? I really don’t think it’s possible. At some point one person must have feelings for the other. Whether it is a mutual feeling or not remains to be found out but it just CAN’T happen. You start getting close, you buzz the person like everyday, just wanna tell the other person how your day went, vent, he/she becomes your best friend… Feelings gas dey…. Now don’t get me wrong. I know you must marry your friend yeah, am talking about both of you being best friends and then suddenly the feelings start to come.

Can two people just be friends?