Our Faith in these

These things shall be

A new generation 

In every land

Of boys and girls shall stand

For brotherhood of man

And service to mankind

And love for truth and peace

From ISI

With one acclaim we pledge 

Our faith in these


The school anthem of a very great school that has produced and continues to produce thousands of great students (Late Gbegi Ojora (a leading industrialist and socialite), Helen Prest Ajayi (Miss Nigeria 1979), Glenn Inanga (pianist), Ifedayo Olarinde (D.J. Freeze of Cool F.M), Najite Dede and Michelle Dede (Nigerian entertainers), Pastor Jide Odulami (of RCCG Jesus House, Port Harcourt, Nigeria), Bosun Adeoti, Opeyemi Ogunlade).. A school that had Late Rev. Illuyomade as Principal…. Enuff name dropping…  A school am very proud of  (even if everybody else thinks otherwise). A school that taught me to be who I am now. Nothing fazes me. There is nothing new under the sun. We have seen that (and some did that in ISI). A school that brought so much joy and tears; from crushes to break-ups; birthdays to deaths; parties and very many activities, how we ever passed in that school I don’t know; Sports day; End of term dance; Miss Z, Victory Dance; Battle of the Sexes; SRC Awards; Student’s Assembly, Juniors Day; the many many club parties, the aristo girls; the UI riots; cultism; vanities; Soiree, Charity Walk…. ISI was just the school to be.

Today marks its 48th anniversary (young school yeah compared to the QCs and KCs, but very much at per with them). Today, thousands of ISI students would dress up for the Out-Off-School Uniforms day (I hope they still do it sha; twas something to look forward to every year). I wish whoever the ISI baby is this year all the best; somehow you never hear about them after that day; did any of them ever finish? I also wonder who the current teacher is that would start telling students we are all hell-bound cause of the Founder’s Day dance is, we had Omitoyin in our days… and quite a number of them… Do we still have Senior and Junior Common? Does Love Lane still exist? Hall A and Hall B? Main Block? Behind Music Room? What went down in those places.. Can’t be written. Heard Uncle Tony is dead. No more Alabi’s Turkey right? Iyawo nko? SS2 block has it finally been completed? Abe Igi? Smitho’s office? Matron’s house? Cafe? “Osun House squad would meet under the Mango”….”Ogun House squad, eyes right”… “Your legs must be at angle 90”. The days of Smitho, Omopariete (Omopariola), Osiyemi (Smokey), Inanga, Ajao, Ojuola (Oju igo), Tejumola, Akanji, Olowe, Parrot O Ajayi.. the list goes on.

Like TK would sing “Go, go ISI, its your birthday, we gonna party cuz its ur birthday….” I so miss that school.

As bad as our uniform was, Rihanna stole it. Lol

Hear a lot of things have changed but for me I would continue to hold my memories of that school dearly. Not gonna let those memories go..

Happy Birthday ISI.. And happy birthday to my dear uncle Bisi.

4 thoughts on “Our Faith in these

  1. Thank You so much for this piece. It is so beautifully written and brought back great memories. Wishing ISI many more years of greater successes and achievements.

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