Home sick and counting down

I am officially HOME SICK. Wish the year can just roll by like yesterday and am back home…. driving about, going to Ice Cream Factory, GDC, Chicken Republic, KFC, waking up early to beat the Lekki 7-8.30 traffic, Okada drivers and d many many cars on Lagos roads, drivers cursing each other, general Lagos traffic especially on Monday and Wednesday evenings; Thursdays can be pretty bad too… Church, Laterna, and a long list of what I miss, YB most especially. *sigh*. Who send me? I for jeje sit down for house o…

Counting down to my birthday and what keeps hitting me is the fact that for the first time, I would be celebrating alone. My parents, my sibs and YB… none of them would be around…. Suddenly I aint looking forward to that day… And I keep asking myself “ta lo be e nise?” Sure friends and other fam members are around but there is nofin like having a familiar face around. And by familiar I mean one of the above mentioned. I really wanna cry right now.

On a bright note. Not having any of them around won’t stop me from enjoying myself. Still gonna count down to that day and I plan to enjoy myself to the fullest weather permitting.

Hope to do a series of Birthday palava in November (God willing).

And on a more serious note, the year is ending and soon we would be saying Happy New Year (by God’s grace). What were our plans @ the beginning of the year? How far have we gone? What is left to be done? I think the earlier we start to review the better. We shouldn’t wait till December 31st to evaluate. Was at a course on Saturday, well kinda like a course and one thing that struck me during the exercises was that the more we reviewed, and changed strategies (when necessary), we got better at what we did. EVALUATE your life.

For now, have fun guys and you might not be seeing me often.

And it is never to late to wish Nigeria a Happy Birthday… As bad as things maybe, I still believe in Nigeria and am proud to be Nigerian.


9 thoughts on “Home sick and counting down

      1. haven’t migrated to word press. Still finding it a little bit strange to navigate. My blogspot blog is still very much active.

      2. Haven’t moved to WordPress. Still feeling out the framework and find it weird…too many technical stuff going on at the back. My blogspot is still very much active

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