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Am back

Or better still, I hope am back.

Really don’t have a major excuse for not blogging in a while but hopefully am back.

I gat nothing much to say…. *covers face* except that have had a very beautiful month and God has really been showing Himself faithful and merciful towards me. And I can’t help but keep thanking Him.

Just thought to stop by…

And happy birthday to my dear mum.


Are Yoruba names “bisexual”?

Maybe not an appropriate title but well, you get the gist…. By “bisexual” here I mean the opposite of unisexual (of or relating to only one sex). So I don’t get crucified. 

Yorubas naming convention has gone “gaga”. There is really no name for just male children or female children anymore. Most names have become “BISEXUAL”. Both males and females bear it.

I remember one of popsie’s trip many years ago. He comes back with gifts from a friend of his (who by the way had never met any of us; he just knew us by names and he had been in the States for so long). I think I was in Secondary School then. Now, we are four girls so little wonder my surprise when popsie brings out two male watches for my elder sister and I and lovely knapsacks for my younger sisters. I was seething. I just couldn’t believe that someone would buy me such. I remember asking popsie if the watch was really for me and he said yes and I just couldn’t figure out how the man would think I was a guy.


Like I said, I come from an all girl family. And growing up, I believed my names (at least my first and other names were feminine) and I was the only one that went by those names. Yes. That’s what I believed. Funny enough, all through Primary School, I never had another person go by my first and other names; well till Secondary School where just one other girl used my other name as her first name. Yes. She stole my name. So I guess I wasn’t wrong to assume my names were female names.

Fast forward.

First year Under grad. During Orientation. A female friend introduces me to a male friend and the guy goes “when she told him she had a friend who was called *******, I thought it was a guy”. And am like seriously? Are you daft? How would you think I was a guy? Well, I said all that to myself. School fully resumes and I discover that like six other guys went by my first name and we were like just two girls who used that as our first names. Then it clicked that the reason the man bought the watches was cause he heard our names and assumed the first two were guys (my elder sister’s name is pretty masculine) and assumed the other two were females. He concluded based on our names. I also discovered that it was other variants of my first name that females tend to bear. *rme*. Same for my other name; three females and like a zillion guys… *rme* again. Went back home, fortunately mumsie kept the watches, I got the battery changed and wore my watch proudly… Till it died. It was a mega big watch tho.

Till date, I still get mails (replies, new mails), text messages and all from people who see my name and address me as Dear Sir, or Mr. ******* e.t.c. I am so tired of correcting them and educating them. If you aint sure what sex the person is be on the safe side and just say Dear (the person’s name). I really can’t blame them. Names used to be very distinct in times past. Names like Femi, Gbenga, Tunde e.t.c. were strictly male names. Now females bear such. Names like Bukola, Bimbo were female names. Now we have men that go by such names. You hear a name and you just can’t figure out if the person is male or female. For names such as mine and the Femis, it could be assumed that it is a guy. What would you say about names like Ife, Seun, Tope, Tosin, Tayo? You just can’t be sure. I would be scared though if I see a guy called Wura. Or a girl called Biyi.

I don’t know much about Ibos but I def haven’t seen a girl called Nnameka or Ndubisi. Or a guy called Ifeoma or Ngozi. Neither have I seen a girl by the name Adamu. Or a guy by the name Fatima. I am sure I would just faint. It is just like seeing a girl called Alan or Ken. Or a guy called Sharon… That’s gangsta.

Can Yorubas just return to the days when names were very distinct?

That said, is it safe to assume Yoruba names are bisexual? And I can call my daughter Muyiwa or Akin? My son, Doyin or Wonu?


Its been a while since I posted anything… Not for any good reason though… Have been a bit busy but that’s not enough reason not to post. Anywayz, happy new month people…

I am not one of those Happy New Month “texters”or “broacasters” (in fact I get quiet peeved when people send me messages but what can I do; cause am thinking I frigid know it is a new month) but in the last couple of weeks as September approached, I found myself thinking (maybe cause have been home doing nothing, I had so much time to think)… about the past 8 months. What has been and what hasn’t. What I set out to achieve and have achieved and those I haven’t and the list goes on… I kept looking back at how my life has been and how far I have come and all I can just say is thank you Jesus. He has been too faithful.

On one of my reminiscing days, I suddenly remembered a prayer I had raised and in fact COMPLETELY forgot about it… Started the year with something I had hoped to achieve by the end of this month and did pray a particular prayer concerning it and forgot *covering my face*. I kept on processing it but forgot I prayed that particular prayer. Sometimes, about two weeks ago, something happened and I panicked. I def didn’t sleep early that night. As I was praying, that prayer point come to mind and I knew God was just reminding me of His faithfulness cause that prayer was already answered and it was like since He did this, He would definitely complete it…I slept well that night and every night since then.

I set a target for September 2nd on the issue that was going to give me a sleepless night two weeks back and just left it to God. Today September 1st, everything got sorted. Two weeks ago, it didn’t look like it was going to be sorted in a month sef not to talk of within two weeks. One thing I heard for sure that night two weeks back was “All these are your calculations, what of mine? And He has been working according to His timing since I let go.

I also started this year and courting was one of the things off my list of to-do this year. I don’t do new year resolutions but I do give myself a list of set targets for the year. And being in a relationship was not on that list. But God’s ways are past finding out… And for that am grateful, happy *bbm dancing smiley*. And for many more I can’t start to recount.

Still taking a stock of the past months and hoping to make amends for things have missed out on achieving within the set time (with God’s help) because He continues to prove that on my own, I can’t do it.

Not all has been good. Somethings I needed to work on or change have also been on my mind. Things I need to stop doing and by God’s grace, I would… Once again, I can’t achieve that on my own so am handing them over to the one who can help me.

I decided to clean my room today and I was shocked at some of the things I kept. I pride myself in being able to keep things but finding my first year registration form was definitely not one of the things I should be happy I kept. That is what Yorubas call “panti”. Told YB and he replies “I don’t want panti in our house”. I def have trashed all that. And eye-shadow, brushes and other makeup stuff I haven’t used in a long while but would just not trash. Sad to see them go but they were constituting panti in my room. Clothes I haven’t worn in a long while too are gonna find their way to those who need them soonest. I am glad I did this cleaning though my back aches. A word of advise “Never start cleaning without eating a proper meal”. At some point my head was turning. Thankfully, the last 4 hours has been worth it. Off to burn the “burnables”… Trashed the “trashables”.

Do have a great September….And for those who know me, my count down and planning begins… November here I come *wink wink*