Kids should be banned from public places

Hmmmmmm. You read right. In some parts of the US of A (freak I sound like one of those Nollywood peeps); USA o jare, they are proposing (no, some have even started implementing) that young kids should be banned from public places. O ti o. Airlines, hotels, grocery stores, cinemas, and restaurants. Seriously? Parents with small kids wouldn’t be allowed to fly first class (na wa o, I get the money I no fit spend am because I get small pikin).

I get that some children can be so annoying you feel like beating the fear of God into them (case in point, there was this kid yesterday I felt like spanking the “demons” out of him”) but banning them from going out? Like a mom said As a mom of a three-year-old, I’ll be the first to admit that my child doesn’t always behave the way I’d like her to when we’re in public. Personally, as parents we are hyper-aware when our daughter is misbehaving, and in an effort to avoid stares and glares, we remove our child from the situation until she calms down. Do all parents do this? No. Do some parents let their children run wild? Unfortunately. But is it possible to control everything your kid does? No! They are kids, not little robots.”

We were once children na. And am sure some of us acted worse. So why the discrimination. To even think not only is it being considered, it has been implemented by Malaysia airlines and some others. *smh*. In short, they are banning mothers from going out. Fathers sef in some cases. Orisirisi ni America wan yi. It is just funny. Soon Churches would ban parents with small children and babies from coming to church or they would hold separate services for them.

Yes, I agree children can be very VERY frustrating. If they said they were designating an area or special days in stores for such parents to come shop… hmmm, that sef no make sense; if something finishes before the designated day nko? Well for cinemas, why should children be taken to go watch movies that aint children-friendly. Get a sitter or no go watch movies. I get asking parents to leave restaurants when their children go bonkers; you can’t ask them to leave the plane but designating an area for them to sit…. hmmmm. Ko da o.. If you are banning nosiy kids, please ban noisy adults too o… Kapish. Maybe having “kids area” would help (I know churches that do that; parents sit at the back; makes it even better and easier for them to go out with the kids especially when they start getting noisy). Parents sha shouldn’t be made to feel like second class citizens because they have young children.

I don’t know the solution to this issue o but banning kids is a no-no. Not proper, not right. Well who can blame them. With the rate of “ibajeness” those kids exhibit. If na 9ja now, just 1 abara from the mother, the child go comport (though children of nowadays in this country sef, dey fear me).

I don’t know how mothers (and fathers) in those places would survive o. I wish them well. All da best o. It is well with you all…. and your children.


2 thoughts on “Kids should be banned from public places

  1. na wa o! Funny thing is I am sure if you did some research, you will find that some of these insensitive people putting this into practice were radicals as toddlers. I know kids can be annoying and noisy at times, but I would rather a noisy kid who doesn;t really know wassup that a loud mouthed drunk man on my flight!

    If they are banning kids from public places they might as well ban noisy people as well and then after than ban fat people and then anorexic people then people who can’t speak english… they should keep going! nonsense.

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