Daily Archives: June 24, 2011

…… and it came to pass

This is def going to be rather short.

Idk o but why is it most times, it is the things we think/ fear that happen?

Take for example; some guys got flu at work and of everybody else I am the only one shouting “don’t come near me o” yada yada (I tend to get it easily, I have gotten so scared of it). Fast forward 2 weeks after (including me taking a break off work for a week) and now I am sneezing and coughing. What I feared is gradually coming upon me. God forbid. This one is going to go by prayer and fasting. Never to be feared again.

Somehow I discovered that when someone isn’t feeling fine and I get to know, the moment I start thinking about it, I somehow end up with the same issue. Like when someone I know had lumps removed from her breasts. Na so I start to dey think am o. To the extent I started researching on it. Well, I have had to remove lumps twice after that. And it came to pass ba? Or when I friend had appendicitis and had a surgery. I started thinking about it. Months later, my doctor says I have mild-appendicitis. I still don’t know what that means. Or is it the fact that I feared glasses so much and by JSS1, I was using glasses. Well, God took control. By faith I stopped using them and I can see very well.

At times I think am just being paranoid. Recently we had water issues at home. Water wasn’t getting into the house. So we had to fetch directly from the tank downstairs. I remember thinking or fearing that my body would start itching. Some days after, whether am just being paranoid o, there are times since then I feel all isn’t well.

Now I have decided not to think about all those negative. bad bad tins lest they come to pass.

Would rather let think the good things and let them come to pass. I don’t wanna b Job.