Daily Archives: June 3, 2011

I don’t do married men

Sure you are wondering what kind of topic this is. Well that is what I choose to write about.

I have been wondering for a while what the fascination is with single ladies and married men. It is like the ring on the men’s hands is what actually attracts the women to them. Gone are the days when you see a guy with a ring and you immediately back off; knowing he is already taken. Now, it is the ring gan gan that makes the woman want him more.

Many stupid and silly reasons have been given for such acts. He was just to attractive/nice/caring/everything I wanted in a man and yada yada. Sorry o, but there are no single men out there that have these same qualities?? It must be another woman’s husband? Like I always say, we women are our own worst enemies.

Or, I didn’t know he was married. Let’s say he was even so good at keeping his family away from you, the moment you got to know nko? Oh, it’s hard to break off ba? *kmt*. To think that most women even know about the man’s family from the onset. Even heard a very dumb one, “any time he mentioned his family in the UK, I thought he was talking about his father and mother”. Like seriously?

Oh, I needed money… And if you are that desperate, there are no single guys ba? The list is endless. I could go on and on.

This is not to absolve married men too sha. I have had a recently married man whose wife was pg come meet me one day at an event, introduces himself with some much pleasure like I was meant to know who he was (trust me, as I didn’t know who he was, I gave him this do I care look) and then he asks for my number and am like Whaow. Funny thing was I was invited for the wedding. I knew his sister-in-law but didn’t know who her sister was getting married to. Didn’t go for the wedding sha. Monday morning back at school, am gisting my friends and the friend I got to know his sister-in-law through is like that’s A’s brother-in-law, infact A’s sister is heavy at the moment.

Or during one of my vac jobs, this guy is so on my case (he didn’t wear his ring). I enter the lunch room with another colleague who not knowing the guy was disturbing me sees him and asks how madam and the daughter are. I so laughed that day. I still laugh any time I remember the look on his face.

What I still don’t get sha is what attracts women to married men.

Anyways, I am Deronk and I don’t do married men.