Daily Archives: May 26, 2011

Can a man cheat alone?

Silly topic? Topic doesn’t even make sense? Stale? Well, that’s what I feel like writing about. And don’t worry, this is not going to be a long post. Aint gonna go into the whole story of why men cheat. I aint a man so I can’t say. This was actually a question posed by a friend when the Sperminator’s story came out

As we all know the media has been filled with a lot of stories in recent times of cheating husbands especially in the US.. Wayne Rooney, John Terry, John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Arnie the Terminator. Or even more recently, our Super Injunction guy (lips sealed). Lol.

Makes me wonder why for most part the women (the ones outside) are not castigated for sleeping with another woman’s husband. Don’t get me wrong. I aint absolving the men of wrong doing and God forbid such happens to me, but we always all make it seem like it is the man’s fault. Like it doesn’t take two to tango. Like the man forced himself on the lady. Like the woman was so powerless, she couldn’t say NO. Makes matters worse, the women make money out of telling their “stories” after being paid (some of them were paid) for sleeping with the guys o. Especially in the UK and the US, I just think these women want their 15 minutes of fame and get as much money as they can from it. And that is really annoying, cheapening and disgusting.

I definitely am against cheating because I don’t see any reason whatsoever why any man or woman should cheat on their spouse/ girlfriend or boyfriend. It is just not right. But before we still blaming the man and casting stones let us remember that he didn’t do it alone. Some woman agreed to it also. So when next you wanna blame the man, rain all sorts of curses on him, analyse it from different angles, ask why he left his beautiful and caring wife (who most times is always finer than the babe outside), please include the woman who couldn’t say No in your insults. Afterall, we women are our own worst enemies. If we WOMEN all learn to say No to cheating husbands and boyfriends (you all say it is impossible ba?) then let’s see if they would stop cheating on their wives or turn to other guys (gross) or animals (even worse).

Men don’t cheat alone.