I would miss you

You never can tell how you day would start and how it would end.

What news would change your whole day?

When you think of death, there are some people you just never link them and death.

Lost a dear one this evening. I write this with so much pain. How I got home this evening, I don’t know but God did drive my car home.

All I can say is as unbelievable as it is because I still saw you on Sunday. We all thanked God together for a new month. I can’t question God. I can’t ask why. I can’t even imagine what your husband and children feel at the moment. I would be selfish to want you to remain here when God says it is time up. I knew you for a little over a year but in that short while you changed my life.

I remember telling your son what a fine mother-in-law you would be and any woman who marries any of your sons should count herself lucky she has you as a mother. You were more than a mother.

I remember your prayers before, during and after my operation. The calls, the texts, the concerned look on your face. I remember the cloth you sewed for me and the fact that you asked me to take it at a lesser price (at a time I was broke). That was an answer to a prayer though you never knew.

Is it the after fellowship food. God knows how much I looked forward to it and how much we felt your absence anytime you traveled. Just when I was looking forward to your birthday on 22nd and wondering what I would get for you. I remember so many things. The strong bonds between you and your husband was an inspiration to us; married and unmarried. You taught us to take our Bible just the way it is. No additions; no subtractions; no rationalizing. You took peoples burdens as if it were yours. Always praying for us. I can go on and on but blurred eyes wouldn’t let me. I wonder how I would sleep this night.

I can’t be grateful to God enough for making me meet you. Even as I write this in tears, I know all is well. I know God would comfort us all. It started raining some few hours after you passed on. I guess Heaven is welcoming one of theirs home. Yes, we weep. We cry. We would miss you. But I can’t wait to see you again at our Master’s bosom.We shall not mourn because we know you are resting. Your legacies live on and we would always remember you.

Good night mum because you deserve to be called so.

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