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Of reckless statements and NYSC

Meet Mallam Isa Yuguda, Governor of Bauchi state, formerly of ANPP. Decamped to PDP. Married to one of the daughters of former President Umaru Yar’ Adua. Governor of one of the Northern states where corpers and other non-indigenes were killed, and churches were burnt in the post-election violence that erupted in the North after the Presidential elections. The violence which claimed the life of the only child of a couple, both in their mid-sixties.

While fielding questions from journalists after casting his vote on Thursday, this uncouth mallam opened his mouth to say “As far as I am concerned, these corps members were destined to experience what they experienced during the course of their service to their fatherland because every new day is a new experience to each and every one of us as human beings. As human beings people must accept whatever comes their way, good or bad”. And justifies it by telling us that after all he was also attacked for whatever reason that was while serving in Ibadan in 1979. He then shifted the blame on INEC. Na INEC go provide security for the corpers in your domain? Since it is the corpers destiny, I ask Mallam Yuguda to stop going about with his security men. When his convoy was stoned recently, that was destiny too ba?

Are we surprised he said this? In 2009, at an event in Abuja, while delivering a goodwill message on behalf of the 36 state governors he said “Nigeria, a nation of 150 million Naira…” Guess we all know what he was referring to as he is known to be one of the most corrupt governors in Nigeria. While this statement can be overlooked, his recent statement shouldn’t. In a civilized country, this matter would have been taken up.. Oh, I forget. Nigeria is not a civilized society.

Mr. Destiny is therefore telling parents, siblings and relatives of those killed to dry their eyes, what are they crying for? How can a sane person attribute mindless killing of innocent people posted to your state as DESTINY? Even if you think it is destiny, must you open your mouth and say such at a time people are mourning? Who does that? 9/11 was destiny ba? 7/7 was also destiny right? So we should all move on because whatever would be would be abi? I would have loved to say he is speaking the mind of an average Northerner, but am sure there are much saner people from the North. From GEJ to Buhari to Yuguda, when would our leaders stop making inciting, reckless and stupid statements? They seem to forget the position they hold in the country and so therefore open their mouths and say whatever falls out. God help us.

I personally think this NYSC ish has outlived its usefulness. It was designed to unite Nigerians ba? So far it has done a bad job of doing so. So can it be scrapped. Def no. Those making money from it wouldn’t allow. Okay then, reform the NYSC abi? Let everybody serve in their own states. Seriously. I don’t see parents allowing their children go up North to serve. Let Northerners be posted to other Northern states and Southerners be posted to the South. If you are from Bauchi go to Gombe. If you are Middle-belt say Jos, go to Benue or Kogi. If you are South-East, Imo go to Enugu. If you are South-South, Bayelsa, go to Rivers. If you are South-West, Osun, go to Ekiti. Kapish. Either that or SCRAP IT.

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