Okay, I know Easter is over right… Well, not exactly.. Got two blogs; 3 poems actually for you all to read.. Yeah, my elder sister’s and my younger sister’s.. 3 poems. If by Rudyard Kipling and the other two actually written by Debuki…  Am so proud of her… This is True Love by Debuki reproduced after approval was gotten… And here is the link to the last poem.


Have you ever felt such true love-
like the peace of a dove from up above
or the gentleness of a twilight
that ushers a restful night;
Could it be the happiness of a rising sun
that brings forth a new morn
or does it feel like the savour
of living everyday in the favour
of my dear Saviour
But yes it is
this is what I see…
Only HIM and me
 together we’ll be
a good company.

Easter shouldn’t be just four days of our lives every year. Should be everyday.

Good thing is I learnt to give credit to whom it is due… This entry is a must read… You can imagine if it happen really

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