Everybody say yeah yeah.

So Fela! the broadway show is in Nigeria; April 20-25. Well, they decided to bring it “home” after showing in the US and UK. Now some people have raved and ranted; “Why didn’t they show it in Nigeria first?”, “Why wasn’t Fela played by a Nigerian?” Whatever.

It was a great show; at least the one and a half hours I watched. Yes. Had to leave about 90 minutes into the show. They started annoyingly late. Logistics!!! When would we ever get it right in this country? A show is meant to start by 7pm (so they say on the site). As at 8.45pm, they haven’t started. And nobody deems it fit it apologize or say anything. Considering that it was a Wednesday and people had to get to work the following day. *smh*

INEC couldn’t get it right the first day. Fela! organizers couldn’t either. As at 7pm, people were around; surprisingly, Nigerians showed up early but the organizers??? Still running up and down. We weren’t allowed into the hall. You know, they had these bouncers stopping us from going in. Trust Nigerians. From the woman who in a British accent goes “this is the first day and they can’t even get it right”, to those who quickly called friends who are involved in the show, they finally let us in by 7.20pm. And like my friend said; “am not sure they started late when the show held in US and UK, but get Nigerians involved and it gets messed up” (paraphrased). And the waiting game began.

Took forever to locate our seats. Our (my friend and I) thinking was that the seating arrangement on site was going to be followed so we headed straight to where we thought it would be. Lo and behold, we worked round that hall like twice and still couldn’t located our seats. The ushers couldn’t either. And those ushers ehn… their gist is for another day. Finally see one of the organizers who tried helping us; then I spotted my cousin (who apparently was part of the organizers). Suffice to say, we finally located our seats in less than 10 minutes. Quite a number of people had the same issue. I wonder if first, the ushers were shown the arrangements and if the organizers themselves even knew what arrangement they had.

This was almost 8. And we waited and waited and waited. Thank God for twitter. Started following the Arsene-al/Spurs match on twitter while waiting and listening to some music. Then @felainlagos tweeted that the show had started. You should see people replying in anger. At about 8.05, @felainlagos tweets again says show would start in 45minutes. What? So they were gonna start 2 hours late? Omo, people are tired na. I was too tired to even partake in the jumping and dancing when Fela! took everybody through the 1 O’ Clock, 2 O’ Clock dancing. And to buy anything inside that place ehn.. would cost an arm and a leg. So we comported ourselves and just sat down.

They finally start some few minutes past 9 and it was Whaow. Didn’t wait till the end but mehn, the music was mahd and the Fela! was good. That accent tho.. E get as e bi. The highlights for me were when Funmi Ransome-Kuti (who Fela referred to as Anikulapo-Kuti!!! sang Palavar) and when he tells the story of when policemen stormed his house. He had weed @ home and promptly ate it; he says “never let good weed go to waste”. When one of the officers found another one and showed him; exhibit; once again he eats it. They get to court and the judge asks for evidence and they say they waiting for him to defecate. Very good acting and singing.

Guess they learnt from yesterday because by this morning a correct time was put (doors open by 7pm, show starts 8.30pm).

Our madam with the British accent reminded me of the first Saturday of voting; when some good people decided to help out in organizing everybody and asked that we formed line. A-K on a line, L-O on another and so on and some people started shouting and just wanted to be disorderly by fire by force; kept drawing us back and wasting time. Behind me is this fair-skinned chic, correct dressing, speaking with her nose like she was the Queen’s sister (she was with friends or maybe her sisters). Suddenly she switches to Yoruba o.. and gives it to us in proper ijinle Yoruba with the Ibadan accent. She goes “bi e ba de Mushin ni sin ti e so fun awon mama yen wipe eni ti o ba fe di ibo fun umbrella, e bo si apa otun mi. E ni ti o ba fe dibo fun igbale, ko bo si apa osi, a ti pari idibo lataro”. In English, “If you enter Mushin now and say to all those market women, if you to vote for the Umbrella party, come to my right. If you want to vote for the broom, to my left, we would have finished voting since”. We all burst out laughing cause it was so true. Here are people helping out to ensure we voted in an orderly manner. They weren’t been paid by INEC and some tush Lekki people just want to use English to scatter everything. *smh*.

Wishing you all a happy Easter. Let’s not forget the reason for the season. And for those in Nigeria.  It sure is a very longgggg (1 g for each day) weekend. Enjoy it while it lasts.



5 thoughts on “FELA!

    1. Lol. Twas funny. Had fun laughing at d different ish that went down there. didn’t even have the strength to be angry so I just made myself happy.

      Thanks for dropping by

  1. I heard about the late start of the show in Lagos as well. It boggles the mind how other people are able to manage time so well when we fail at it so hopelessly.

    Hubby and I are going to see the show when it comes back to the UK in July as we couldn’t get tickets the last time.

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