One Lovely Blog Award

Saw Koinonia‘s tag today. Well after I had done 20 facts about me. Anywayz, I’m supposed to list seven new things about myself that I haven’t said before… So here we go…

1. I have never tasted choco milo. The 1st time I tried, I took Maggi instead and swore never to go near choco milo again.

2. I don’t know how to keep in touch with people. I am bad at calling, texting and visiting people. Gives my mum a headache but what can I do? Thank God for BBs tho. Make keeping in touch a little easier.

3. I tend to worry alot…. and think things through.

4. I don’t do chocolate except it is Mars. Kit-kat, Bounty, etc… Don’t bring them near me.

5. I hate people keeping me waiting. And am very punctual.

6. I can pound. Most people don’t even believe I can cook not to mention pounding yam.

7.  I am very choosy…. #nuffsaid.

Two more

8. I don’t like talking about myself. One question I have never been able to answer properly is “So tell me/us about yourself”. I just get tongue tied.

9. My hair has 3 different “colours”. From the root is black. Somewhere, it turns to colour 2 (for those who familiar with weave colours) and mid-way to the tip is colour 4. If the tip is held against sunlight, it is red.

I hereby tag,

Myne Whitman writes

The Wordsymthe

Just Joxy

Izzie Jay

Akinjide Ojo

Miz Debuki


So there you have it. 30 facts about myself


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