20 Facts about me

Had a “village meeting” at work yesterday and we were asked to introduce ourselves and say One thing nobody knew about us. I just couldn’t. I got home and I thought “Seriously, there wasn’t just 1 thing people don’t know about you?” So I came up with this list.
1.  I am the second of four girls.
2.  I love football, tennis and polo. Can’t play any of them though.
3.  I have been wearing size 40 (shoe size) since I was 9.
4.  I used my first lipstick when I was 6.
5.  Things I almost can’t do without buying: Lipsticks (lip glosses, lip balms and lipsticks), books, perfumes and shoes.
6.  I used to play the piano and recorder.
7.  I used to run… well till I became a senior. Now I am too lazy to even jog.
8.  I hate unnecessary stress. You can like to let’s finish everything that needs to be done ahead. Hate hearing someone had an assignment and needed my help, didn’t say, today/tomorrow is deadline and you are asking for help. Seriously?
9.  I hate people trying to impress me.
10. I should be a Prophetess…
11. Am an introvert, very shy and reserved…. Except am in the midst of people I flow with. I could meet you for the 1st time and the only things we might end up saying to each other would be Hello. And the next time we meet, I could talk my life out. And vice-versa.
12. I don’t do role models. I could admire or like someone or something about the person but role models? No.
13. I LOVE Music… and Arts… Used to draw and paint… But like talents unused…. Not sure I can paint no longer. Can still draw a little.
14. My fave hangout? My room
15. My favourite book? He-Motions by T.D Jakes.
16. I love organizing things; anything. Events, people etal…
17. I love my things being in order; nothing out of place. I can almost freak out if anything is out of place. Also, I hate having to look for anything.
18. I am not as old as most people think I am.
19. Hmmmmm. Cakes and ice-cream???? May God help me.
20. I can’t wear leather watches, my watches must be loose and I wear them the other way round.

One more

21. I am a very private person.

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