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Of reckless statements and NYSC

Meet Mallam Isa Yuguda, Governor of Bauchi state, formerly of ANPP. Decamped to PDP. Married to one of the daughters of former President Umaru Yar’ Adua. Governor of one of the Northern states where corpers and other non-indigenes were killed, and churches were burnt in the post-election violence that erupted in the North after the Presidential elections. The violence which claimed the life of the only child of a couple, both in their mid-sixties.

While fielding questions from journalists after casting his vote on Thursday, this uncouth mallam opened his mouth to say “As far as I am concerned, these corps members were destined to experience what they experienced during the course of their service to their fatherland because every new day is a new experience to each and every one of us as human beings. As human beings people must accept whatever comes their way, good or bad”. And justifies it by telling us that after all he was also attacked for whatever reason that was while serving in Ibadan in 1979. He then shifted the blame on INEC. Na INEC go provide security for the corpers in your domain? Since it is the corpers destiny, I ask Mallam Yuguda to stop going about with his security men. When his convoy was stoned recently, that was destiny too ba?

Are we surprised he said this? In 2009, at an event in Abuja, while delivering a goodwill message on behalf of the 36 state governors he said “Nigeria, a nation of 150 million Naira…” Guess we all know what he was referring to as he is known to be one of the most corrupt governors in Nigeria. While this statement can be overlooked, his recent statement shouldn’t. In a civilized country, this matter would have been taken up.. Oh, I forget. Nigeria is not a civilized society.

Mr. Destiny is therefore telling parents, siblings and relatives of those killed to dry their eyes, what are they crying for? How can a sane person attribute mindless killing of innocent people posted to your state as DESTINY? Even if you think it is destiny, must you open your mouth and say such at a time people are mourning? Who does that? 9/11 was destiny ba? 7/7 was also destiny right? So we should all move on because whatever would be would be abi? I would have loved to say he is speaking the mind of an average Northerner, but am sure there are much saner people from the North. From GEJ to Buhari to Yuguda, when would our leaders stop making inciting, reckless and stupid statements? They seem to forget the position they hold in the country and so therefore open their mouths and say whatever falls out. God help us.

I personally think this NYSC ish has outlived its usefulness. It was designed to unite Nigerians ba? So far it has done a bad job of doing so. So can it be scrapped. Def no. Those making money from it wouldn’t allow. Okay then, reform the NYSC abi? Let everybody serve in their own states. Seriously. I don’t see parents allowing their children go up North to serve. Let Northerners be posted to other Northern states and Southerners be posted to the South. If you are from Bauchi go to Gombe. If you are Middle-belt say Jos, go to Benue or Kogi. If you are South-East, Imo go to Enugu. If you are South-South, Bayelsa, go to Rivers. If you are South-West, Osun, go to Ekiti. Kapish. Either that or SCRAP IT.

By the way please view the link below and sign the petition. Thanks.


Okay, I know Easter is over right… Well, not exactly.. Got two blogs; 3 poems actually for you all to read.. Yeah, my elder sister’s and my younger sister’s.. 3 poems. If by Rudyard Kipling and the other two actually written by Debuki…  Am so proud of her… This is True Love by Debuki reproduced after approval was gotten… And here is the link to the last poem.


Have you ever felt such true love-
like the peace of a dove from up above
or the gentleness of a twilight
that ushers a restful night;
Could it be the happiness of a rising sun
that brings forth a new morn
or does it feel like the savour
of living everyday in the favour
of my dear Saviour
But yes it is
this is what I see…
Only HIM and me
 together we’ll be
a good company.

Easter shouldn’t be just four days of our lives every year. Should be everyday.

Good thing is I learnt to give credit to whom it is due… This entry is a must read… You can imagine if it happen really


This is one single story common to all Nigerians. Okay. Maybe not all. Say 90%. Every tribe is so against the other. First it was a North/South, South/North divide. Now it has crept into states. Not exactly. It has always been there just not as pronounced as now.

These elections have just brought to fore the many issues affecting us in Nigeria and chief among them is what tribe you are from. It used to be as regards marriages before but now it has swept through almost all aspects of our lives.

Take Delta state. The Ijaw youths go to see their leaders. One of them publicly says they would vote the current Governor because it is “their turn” and they must use their FULL eight years in power. Not because of what he did in his first term or what plans he has if elected again. Just because he is one of them.

Or Oyo state where it is a battle of the Ibadans against the Oke Oguns. Ogun state? The Yewas believe it is their turn after all the Ijebus, Egbas and another tribe (I can’t recall the name) have all ruled the state. So now it is their turn. Or some years back when the Ijeshas were angry one of them wasn’t the Governor. I don’t know what obtains in the North as regards their states but it seems it is only Lagos down South without the issue of it is a tribe within the state that should rule.

Every tribe believes it is their turn to rule not caring whether the person from their tribe is actually competent and capable. Whether when he or she gets there, things would change for the better in that state.

This mentality is part of what has led us to this state in this country and it doesn’t seem like it is going to stop anytime soon. And nobody seems to be bothered. We see cases like Oyo and Ogun where two of the candidates are from the same tribe. It has gone as far as elders endorsing one and asking the other to step down. You should see newspapers. Accusations and counters. It is now a battle of who can whip up tribal sentiments the most. At least win over their “tribe”; their people.

I wonder how long we are going to allow this he is my tribe, she is my person make us choose the wrong people to lead us. It is killing us and we keep turning a blind eye to it. How long are we going to do this? Even if not for ourselves, let’s do it right for the next generation. We complain that our parents generation has messed us up. Yet when we have the chance to make it right, we do the same thing they did…..

The day we start to vote for people not because of where they are from but based on what they can offer, that is when we would move forward in this country. Till then, we get just the leaders we deserve… and we are so not going to move forward.


Everybody say yeah yeah.

So Fela! the broadway show is in Nigeria; April 20-25. Well, they decided to bring it “home” after showing in the US and UK. Now some people have raved and ranted; “Why didn’t they show it in Nigeria first?”, “Why wasn’t Fela played by a Nigerian?” Whatever.

It was a great show; at least the one and a half hours I watched. Yes. Had to leave about 90 minutes into the show. They started annoyingly late. Logistics!!! When would we ever get it right in this country? A show is meant to start by 7pm (so they say on the site). As at 8.45pm, they haven’t started. And nobody deems it fit it apologize or say anything. Considering that it was a Wednesday and people had to get to work the following day. *smh*

INEC couldn’t get it right the first day. Fela! organizers couldn’t either. As at 7pm, people were around; surprisingly, Nigerians showed up early but the organizers??? Still running up and down. We weren’t allowed into the hall. You know, they had these bouncers stopping us from going in. Trust Nigerians. From the woman who in a British accent goes “this is the first day and they can’t even get it right”, to those who quickly called friends who are involved in the show, they finally let us in by 7.20pm. And like my friend said; “am not sure they started late when the show held in US and UK, but get Nigerians involved and it gets messed up” (paraphrased). And the waiting game began.

Took forever to locate our seats. Our (my friend and I) thinking was that the seating arrangement on site was going to be followed so we headed straight to where we thought it would be. Lo and behold, we worked round that hall like twice and still couldn’t located our seats. The ushers couldn’t either. And those ushers ehn… their gist is for another day. Finally see one of the organizers who tried helping us; then I spotted my cousin (who apparently was part of the organizers). Suffice to say, we finally located our seats in less than 10 minutes. Quite a number of people had the same issue. I wonder if first, the ushers were shown the arrangements and if the organizers themselves even knew what arrangement they had.

This was almost 8. And we waited and waited and waited. Thank God for twitter. Started following the Arsene-al/Spurs match on twitter while waiting and listening to some music. Then @felainlagos tweeted that the show had started. You should see people replying in anger. At about 8.05, @felainlagos tweets again says show would start in 45minutes. What? So they were gonna start 2 hours late? Omo, people are tired na. I was too tired to even partake in the jumping and dancing when Fela! took everybody through the 1 O’ Clock, 2 O’ Clock dancing. And to buy anything inside that place ehn.. would cost an arm and a leg. So we comported ourselves and just sat down.

They finally start some few minutes past 9 and it was Whaow. Didn’t wait till the end but mehn, the music was mahd and the Fela! was good. That accent tho.. E get as e bi. The highlights for me were when Funmi Ransome-Kuti (who Fela referred to as Anikulapo-Kuti!!! sang Palavar) and when he tells the story of when policemen stormed his house. He had weed @ home and promptly ate it; he says “never let good weed go to waste”. When one of the officers found another one and showed him; exhibit; once again he eats it. They get to court and the judge asks for evidence and they say they waiting for him to defecate. Very good acting and singing.

Guess they learnt from yesterday because by this morning a correct time was put (doors open by 7pm, show starts 8.30pm).

Our madam with the British accent reminded me of the first Saturday of voting; when some good people decided to help out in organizing everybody and asked that we formed line. A-K on a line, L-O on another and so on and some people started shouting and just wanted to be disorderly by fire by force; kept drawing us back and wasting time. Behind me is this fair-skinned chic, correct dressing, speaking with her nose like she was the Queen’s sister (she was with friends or maybe her sisters). Suddenly she switches to Yoruba o.. and gives it to us in proper ijinle Yoruba with the Ibadan accent. She goes “bi e ba de Mushin ni sin ti e so fun awon mama yen wipe eni ti o ba fe di ibo fun umbrella, e bo si apa otun mi. E ni ti o ba fe dibo fun igbale, ko bo si apa osi, a ti pari idibo lataro”. In English, “If you enter Mushin now and say to all those market women, if you to vote for the Umbrella party, come to my right. If you want to vote for the broom, to my left, we would have finished voting since”. We all burst out laughing cause it was so true. Here are people helping out to ensure we voted in an orderly manner. They weren’t been paid by INEC and some tush Lekki people just want to use English to scatter everything. *smh*.

Wishing you all a happy Easter. Let’s not forget the reason for the season. And for those in Nigeria.  It sure is a very longgggg (1 g for each day) weekend. Enjoy it while it lasts.


We just friends

Can a guy and a chic just be close/best friends (especially for so long) without either party suddenly discover they like the other? Can’t two people just be friends? I stumbled on Brown Sugar yesterday night and couldn’t help but wonder if it is possible both sexes are just friends… Even if just one percent of the time? Hollywood has made that near impossible. They even make it worse (I think) because most times in movies, one incident happens and they discover “Oh, we like each other”. Take Brown Sugar. Or Made of Honour. Or Just got with it. Movies aplenty. They have sex, or near sex incidences or he/she has a girlfriend or boyfriend, one of them wants to get married. Suddenly it “dawns” on one party that they actually like the other and decides to make a move and the other also discovers “Shoot it, I also do like you”. Except maybe Perfect Combination, I am not sure I have watched a movie where they find out that it is a no-no (in which they already had sex).

I have heard people say that they didn’t know they liked the other until much later, but I discovered most of the times that it isn’t until one starts dating another person they know they wanted something more than friendship. Like when the person wants to move on with his/her life you decide to be the clog in the wheel? Isn’t that selfish? Seems like because he/she has found someone, you are scared of sharing? You are jealous? That’s one group.

Another group is those who start having feelings for the other, don’t say anything (or some say and the other party says they don’t have same feelings) but party A (who has feelings) assumes they have something going on. Take for example a story I heard sometimes back. This guy and this babe have been friends for so long. The babe likes him, the guy has never said anything about liking her not to talk of dating her. But she assumed they were “dating”. He isn’t saying anything, so she seeks help and was told to be freak with him about her feelings and ask him directly to define their relationship. She says they meet up and she does as told. He replied that he never saw her as anything more than just his friend; in fact more like his sister. She says she couldn’t wait for the “date” to be over. Now she is married with children. You can imagine if she kept dulling herself and the guy comes one day and says he is getting married. She would think he led her on meanwhile na she assume; abi? When the guy no talk say he wan date you and you dey assume. Or one that happened to me. A very close friend, in fact my first male friend. Some years back say 3/4 years, he tells me he liked me. Didn’t say anything about dating or nofin. Me ma, I told him I didn’t have such feelings and we continued our friendship thinking all was well. Or so I thought. Some weeks back he buzzes me and says should he move on as regards what we discussed (4 years ago) or should we continue. I was taken aback because I thought I made it clear then that there was no such feeling. Suffice to say, we practically aint talking anymore. Funny because am still on talking terms even with guys who asked me out and I said no.

Makes me think, what is more important to the “aggrieved party”; the feelings (yes, I know you are hurt) or the friendship? I think with time, that hurt would go (could be long) but why lose a friend cause of that? Yes, you might give each other space to deal with the issue but outright not talking to each other? Seriously?

Really, this is the reality on ground. Compared to what Hollywood makes us believe, more often than not, it doesn’t always end up with 2 people who have been friends for long getting married to each other. Most times, with the sex, near-sex experiences and all, they start acting akward towards each other, sometimes completely destroying the friendship. How they move on from that point is what matters. Why lose a friend because your feeling wasn’t reciprocated?

Still I ask, is it possible for two people to be just friends?

Elections and Us

I am glad that finally after so much money and time has been wasted, INEC was finally able to conduct somewhat “credible elections” on Saturday. Somewhat credible elections in that some RECs are definitely still compromised and there is little or nothing Jega or anybody else can do about that now. It is good to note that things could get better with time and we can sincerely believe that future elections in this country can actually be free and fair.

That said, the events of the last 2 weeks keep throwing up some questions that so far haven’t been answered. I understand this election process to be that you go for accreditation between 8am and 12noon. Voting starts by 12.30pm. If you are not on the line as at when a count is taken, you are not allowed to vote. This is to curb rigging, which is good. It is sad to note that in some parts of Lagos state and even in Oyo state, the INEC officials didn’t get to the polling units until about 11am. An hour before accreditation was meant to be over. They said logistics. Were the elections not postponed the week before because of this same logistics issue? Didn’t INEC promise to address the logistics issue? Why after a week of supposed planning do we still have the same problem? To make matters worse, the INEC guys stopped accreditation after sometime effectively disenfranchising some people. I hope and pray this issue would be sorted out before Saturday.

Also the issue of Security. From bomb blasts to Corpers getting beaten to ballot snatching. Am sure parents at the moment are begging their children currently serving not to allow themselves be used for the remaining elections.Is it a sin to serve again? INEC said they were providing security. What went wrong? This shedding of innocent blood must stop. I know INEC can’t be blamed totally for security lapses and at present in this country it can’t be completely ruled out but the rate at which we are going, it is only God that can help us. It must be looked into. And all the people arrested for snatching election materials, rigging and all, I hope and pray the cases wouldn’t die “a natural death”. People like the Senator from Bayelsa. Or Kema Chikwe who stormed the INEC office in Imo state with thugs. Pray, what is she teaching her son?

I am so amazed by the broadcasts I got yesterday. Asking that we vote for Jonathan because he has delivered on his promise to conduct free and fair elections. Hmmm. Last week, newspapers, TVs adverts and broadcasts were sent out when Jega postponed the elections asking us not to “join” Jega and GEJ together. That wetin concern GEJ with Jega. Now, peoples argument then was that since GEJ appointed Jega, he should also take part of the blame for the shift in elections. His spokesman, campaign people came out to ask us separate them. Presidency and INEC are not the same. INEC is an independent body and yada yada. Suddenly, after the elections were held and to a large extent is credible, you want us to “join” both of them and make them 1? When did INEC and GEJ suddenly become the same thing?

The media and INEC’s results. We finish voting, the INEC guys count “in our very before”. We know who won in our centre. Check other centres and collate for your ward/constituency e.t.c. All INEC has to do is announce formally who we already know won ba? The same blackberry carrying, twitter and facebook generation youths that have been looked at with disdain and told we are a minority  so we should sit down and stop shouting were able to broadcast or tweet the results in their wards, Nairaland was agog with results from their wards. Hours later, INEC comes out to declare another person. How did that happen? Where did the votes suddenly disappear into? Cases like Benue (David Mark), Anambra Central (Ngige and Akunyuli), Kwara (Saraki) and Oyo North (Okediran and Agboola). Oyo North is even very funny. A place where elections were still held in some wards till midnight, when some other states had declared the winners? A place ACN was winning as at Saturday night and by Sunday afternoon, PDP is declared winner. Newspapers (e.g Punch) and TV stations (NTA and STV) “carry” ACN as winner. Pray I ask, did the media get their results from somewhere else? At least we know they don’t have the right to declare a winner so what exactly is INEC’s game?

It is very clear INEC still has a lot of work to do to make these elections really credible and the earlier they get their acts together, the better. Missing names on the accreditation sheet should be sorted out asap. If the officials need re-training please do. There were cases of officials singing discordant tunes and confusing the voters.

For us the electorate, let’s not be deterred by what happened last week. For those who couldn’t vote, please go out a little earlier than you did the last time and get accredited on time. Go with food if you so wish and enough water (the sun wasn’t smiling @ all last week and I gotta add, your umbrella- not a  PDP fan but seriously that sun wasn’t smiling) and be ready to protect your vote. If you are going back home after accreditation, please ensure you are back at the polling centre by 12 so you can be counted. We should ensure we conduct ourselves in an orderly manner (and help out if need be). At my polling centre in Lekki, we had other voters who helped in getting people arranged, organizing everybody and all before voting. You can be sure elections went on smoothly without rancour there. I was surprised to hear that in the same Lekki, there was so much confusion in some centres. These tush people just couldn’t organize themselves. You can be sure voting started late in those places.

May God help us as we vote in the coming elections. Please ensure you vote. And protect your vote.

Saw these on Bellanaija and thought to share.

By the way, I heard Bode George couldn’t vote because he couldn’t participate in the registration (he was in jail at that time). Just wondering, I know prisoners forfeit their rights and all when in prison/jail but should that include voting? Lawyers in the house please help.

One Lovely Blog Award

Saw Koinonia‘s tag today. Well after I had done 20 facts about me. Anywayz, I’m supposed to list seven new things about myself that I haven’t said before… So here we go…

1. I have never tasted choco milo. The 1st time I tried, I took Maggi instead and swore never to go near choco milo again.

2. I don’t know how to keep in touch with people. I am bad at calling, texting and visiting people. Gives my mum a headache but what can I do? Thank God for BBs tho. Make keeping in touch a little easier.

3. I tend to worry alot…. and think things through.

4. I don’t do chocolate except it is Mars. Kit-kat, Bounty, etc… Don’t bring them near me.

5. I hate people keeping me waiting. And am very punctual.

6. I can pound. Most people don’t even believe I can cook not to mention pounding yam.

7.  I am very choosy…. #nuffsaid.

Two more

8. I don’t like talking about myself. One question I have never been able to answer properly is “So tell me/us about yourself”. I just get tongue tied.

9. My hair has 3 different “colours”. From the root is black. Somewhere, it turns to colour 2 (for those who familiar with weave colours) and mid-way to the tip is colour 4. If the tip is held against sunlight, it is red.

I hereby tag,

Myne Whitman writes

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Izzie Jay

Akinjide Ojo

Miz Debuki


So there you have it. 30 facts about myself

20 Facts about me

Had a “village meeting” at work yesterday and we were asked to introduce ourselves and say One thing nobody knew about us. I just couldn’t. I got home and I thought “Seriously, there wasn’t just 1 thing people don’t know about you?” So I came up with this list.
1.  I am the second of four girls.
2.  I love football, tennis and polo. Can’t play any of them though.
3.  I have been wearing size 40 (shoe size) since I was 9.
4.  I used my first lipstick when I was 6.
5.  Things I almost can’t do without buying: Lipsticks (lip glosses, lip balms and lipsticks), books, perfumes and shoes.
6.  I used to play the piano and recorder.
7.  I used to run… well till I became a senior. Now I am too lazy to even jog.
8.  I hate unnecessary stress. You can like to let’s finish everything that needs to be done ahead. Hate hearing someone had an assignment and needed my help, didn’t say, today/tomorrow is deadline and you are asking for help. Seriously?
9.  I hate people trying to impress me.
10. I should be a Prophetess…
11. Am an introvert, very shy and reserved…. Except am in the midst of people I flow with. I could meet you for the 1st time and the only things we might end up saying to each other would be Hello. And the next time we meet, I could talk my life out. And vice-versa.
12. I don’t do role models. I could admire or like someone or something about the person but role models? No.
13. I LOVE Music… and Arts… Used to draw and paint… But like talents unused…. Not sure I can paint no longer. Can still draw a little.
14. My fave hangout? My room
15. My favourite book? He-Motions by T.D Jakes.
16. I love organizing things; anything. Events, people etal…
17. I love my things being in order; nothing out of place. I can almost freak out if anything is out of place. Also, I hate having to look for anything.
18. I am not as old as most people think I am.
19. Hmmmmm. Cakes and ice-cream???? May God help me.
20. I can’t wear leather watches, my watches must be loose and I wear them the other way round.

One more

21. I am a very private person.