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Sleep-induced writing/inspiration, Debate and Patriotism

Ever felt like writing or knowing you should write something and you just can’t??? Ok. Well, I have had a writer’s block (if am allowed to used that word) for a while now. I have things I wanna write about, but can’t just put them together and at times I blank out.. *smh*. Like Wordsymthe said “You would love to have some sitzfleisch”, I just have to write..

So yesterday I was about sleeping, and knowing I had some documents to put together I prayed… Yes. I prayed for inspiration. Some 15 seconds prayer and pronto, how to start the documents came to my head. I hope to finish one of them today. Then I started to think (me I think a lot), how it happens that I have an assignment, an essay to write, a document to prepare e.t.c. and I can’t just figure out a way to start then I sleep and I actually dream of what to write.

Seriously. I have actually dreamt a whole essay.. Not once. TWICE. Let me give an example. In SS2, we had this assignment and had to submit about 2 weeks later. Can’t exactly remember the topic. It was either to write an essay on “A stitch in time” or “All that glitters”. Small me thought and thought for over a week. Nothing came out.

Ok, maybe I wanted something dramatic. You know for someone who grew up reading books; from Nancy Drew to Enid Blyton, Shakespeare, Goosebumps, M&Bs, Harlequin Romance, James Hadley Chase, John Grisham, Jeffrey Archer, Harry Potter e.t.c, I needed something that when people read, they wanna read again. But, I just couldn’t. First week went by. Second week. Then came Friday night. Popsie’s cousin was getting married and our house was full. Infact, so full, my sisters and I were bounced from our rooms. I think I ended up in the sitting room or popsie’s study. Now for those who know me, I always sleep with books and pens all around me. My bag sef sleeps on my bed, because I could wake up anytime and want to write. So, here am I on a bed on the floor and I dream up a whole essay. I remember it was a story about a male doctor; yes I was so in love with doctors then. Shoot me. Usual characters on those topics were female and always ended with “then she realized that all that glitters isn’t gold” or “she knew then that a stitch in time saves nine”. I have even read stories that spoke about how the chic didn’t fix a button or a tear early and later discovered that if she had done that, the tear wouldn’t be as bad and the cloth would have still been wearable. Phew. So uncreative.

Anywayz, I woke up right after and as usual had my pen and one of all those long 80 leaves book beside me. So I wrote my essay, read through and wrote the final copy. Monday morning, I had an essay to submit. And I had one of the best scores I would have in an essay. The second time too, my score was one of the best. I had the highest or the second highest score. Makes me wonder, is there anything about sleeping that inspires people.

Seriously, there are times when am about to sleep or even asleep and the kind of stories and things I put together in my head, I just can’t write them the same way when I wake up; as in when day  breaks. So most times, it means my sleep is cut short by some few minutes or hours so I can write. Ok, like I had this post written out in my head before I slept but can’t just write it out the same way this morning. *smh*

Ok. Done with that. Did anybody watch the Lagos State Governorship debate yesterday? Is it just me, or other people also think Dosunmu isn’t intelligent? No carriage, no charisma. Doesn’t sound intelligent. His answers were zero. Take for example the question on Federal presence in Lagos especially as regards fixing roads etal and he gives an answer I interpreted as if both State and Federal governments are from the same party, it’s easier to make the Federal government do their job.. Seruzly??? Like Mr. Obama saying because Arizona has a Republican Governor, there is a limit to what the state can benefit from the Federal Government. The State Governor being your party member or not; is that enough reason not to do your work in that State. Oh, I get. With both from the same party, he can always get the Federal government to answer faster ba? CRAP. Serious CRAP.

Plus Fashola just washed them in public. He might not be the best candidate Lagos can produce but of the lot HE IS THE BEST. Yes. I SAID IT. Like he said, they all stood there condemning what he has done but none; not ONE of them gave a solution. So what are we talking about? And what is that J.K Randle doing contesting? Granpa like him. And him vexing? Some people think Fashola should apologize for the statement he made; “The problem with these people is not their age but the age of their ideas”. Me, I don’t think so. That finishing was badt. Reminds me of Mortal Kombat. He was just stating a FACT. Like the saying goes Otito ko ro (The truth is bitter). If you can’t stand someone younger telling you the truth, well… STAY AT HOME. The man just showed them what it means to be educated. No, LEARNED. There is something about lawyers… Quick question though, maybe I missed the subtle “insults” Fashola dished out (as am so not into subtlety; I seem to be missing “hints” these days). Asides that statement he made, was there any other insult?

Moving on. What is it with the older generation and their not being able to sing the National Anthem (even if it is the first stanza) or recite the Pledge. And they dare accuse our generation of having an identity crisis? Say we are not patriotic? The wife of Nigeria’s Ambassador to France is nominated to be part of the envoy to some country or something funny and is invited by Senate to show face. She was asked to sing the National Anthem and recite the Pledge. Not once. THREE TIMES; E me ta. and she couldn’t.  The same National Anthem… One we used to sing everyday in Primary and Secondary School? So what would she tell her children if the Senate finally doesn’t confirm her (like they should except we know that some money might have changed hands)? What does she teach her children about Nigeria? It is a shame seriously.

Anywayz, it’s a new month. One I pray would be much greater and better than the last 2.

Just pondering.