Favour and other random stuff

Hmmmmmm, so February is ending sha…. How time flies….

It has been a lovely month and year in fact so far… and I pray the rest of the year would take a cue from this month especially…. Looool.

First, I started blogging this month…. hmmmm. 2 years after I first thought about it… Then I discovered my sisters also blog…. Can you imagine? Tho they also started this month sha… 1 has to blog for her school stuff…. How your Professor would ask you to blog beats me o… But anyway sha, she is blogging…

Then, God really surprised me this month o…. Favour on every side… Even when I didn’t ask… Ok. Let me give an example. I had to get to school to collect some documents and my certificate (don’t mind me o since I graduated I refused to go pick it). So I set off that morning, picked my sister up @ Ib. Got to school some few minutes to 12. For those who know this school of mine very well.. Work practically ends by 12. They are on break between 12 and 2. If they resume back by 2, thank your stars.

So am wondering what do I do? Anywayz, I get to my HOD’s office to get the documents. That how it all began. I needed letters from my HOD and another lecturer. As I got to the secretary’s office, after explaining what I came for, he gave me my Supervisor’s number. I call him and he goes “I am just finishing a class now, meet me in so so so lab. I have a meeting by 1 and a class by 2 (this was almost 12.30) but come over I would write the letters for you”. Hmmm… I got the letters within 30 minutes… By 1pm, I was done with that. Back at my HOD’s office, the letters were ready but he was MIA so I kept pestering him with calls. Done with that, I show up at the Registry to get my certificate and transcripts. I was almost going to pay for the transcript when a friend saw me and asked what I was filling the form for. I told her and she goes No o… You don’t pay for it. See wahala… I would have paid 5k for a free stuff??? So I go back in and tell them I needed my free copy and the man goes Oh, he didn’t know…. Anywayz, God saved me from wasting money.

Was almost done when I discovered I didn’t have my ID card. I was told to go pay and get a receipt from Bursary. Now if you know how much gist I had heard about the Bursary staff and how they can delay you (like I didn’t experience it while there) and that by 3, they would say they have closed. Hmmmmm. Favour o. I got there and was attended to immediately… I was so surprised when I got my receipt I asked if I could go, if she was done..

Finished everything I came for before 3.30pm. Answered prayers.

Then got back to Lag and discovered my HOD’s letter had the wrong graduation date. What would I do? Still thinking what my next steps would be, 2 days later (go back to see him but when?), when my phone rings. He called me, asking if the letter was okay. I told him there was a mistake and he asked if I could come for another one or there was someone I could send. Immediately sent my younger sis to pick it up for me. I was so shocked cuz I hadn’t even prayed about it. Was still trying to use my human mind and strength to decide. Felt so stupid, maybe if I prayed about it, I wouldn’t have had 2 nights pondering and not sleeping….

It has been a very funny month too… I got locked out of the house one Sunday afternoon for over 5 hours…. *smh*. My elder sister couldn’t log in to her blog… FOR 2 days… She thought it was her password. Apparently she was entering the wrong username… *smh*.

God has really been faithful and I can’t say all here… All I can say is THANK YOU GOD.

Btw, on what day do you celebrate someone born on February 29???

Just pondering.

4 thoughts on “Favour and other random stuff

  1. Favour indeed. From my very hazy memories of Ibadan, it’s not a place known for speed, everything is at a snail’s pace. Glad you were able to get all your documents sorted…..and as for that question, really don’t have a clue, but I’d say 1st of March?

    1. Funny it isn’t even UI, it is one of all these Private Unis o…. Everything is done at snail’s speed… and once they close, no amount of begging would help you

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