Of Issue Based Campaigns and Nigeria

More than a week after my last post. Sorry. I’ve been busy doing a lotta things. Am back for good tho.

Is it just me or other people think our politicians are not telling us what they wanna do? And elections are less than 2 months away?

I tweeted about this issue some months back… When GEJ and Atiku were busy fighting themselves on TV, in newspapers and every possible media. All they could tell us on why we should vote for them is why we shouldn’t vote for the other person. Electronic Media was filled with all sorts. From Nollywood and Musicians endorsements of GEJ to Atiku fighting back with newspaper adverts that said things like Elections are not won by singing, I began to wonder if they were both serious. Asides telling us their life history, “I wore no shoes to school”, “I never thought I would be here today”, “I rose through the ranks”, yada yada… none of them came out to say specifically what they plan to do… Power, Education, Corruption, Health.. Nothing.

The fact that you didn’t wear shoes to school, does that mean you would provide shoes for every Nigerian? You rose through the ranks, equates you would ensure every Nigerian rises through the ranks??? Obviously not. Makes me wonder if these people think we are daft or something.

Now, GEJ is PDP’s candidate, Ribadu is for ACN, Buhari, CPC, Shekarau, ANPP and so on. Still no concrete plans on what they are going to do if elected. My grouse is specifically with GEJ as he is the only one who has really started his campaigns, though the others do “meet” leaders from other parts of the country, speak to reporters and all. When a Presidential candidate who is currently in power says to his people- the Niger Delta that “I would not do anything about the issues you are encountering until I am re-elected. Then I would sit with your governors and put plans in place to solve the problems the people of Niger-Delta are encountering”. I felt like hitting my head on the wall (I am not a violent person and def would not hit my head on the wall, FEAR NOT), but REALLY? Like SERIOUSLY?????????????? And you want my vote? And that of my family??? What stops you from putting measures in place to solve the problems we are facing? From sitting with the governors now? Why wait till after your election? What if you don’t get elected?

People seem to forget that they would be judged for their actions…… an in-actions. Even if you don’t get elected, providence would judge you for starting the process. Leave it to your successor to continue or not to… He or she would also be judged. Oh, I get it… May be he was scared his opponents would tap into his ideas to form theirs…. Hmmmm.. Still not an excuse… To think he said that to HIS OWN PEOPLE. Sad.

The others too are not spared. They haven’t come out to say precisely how they hope to solve our problems. Telling me you know unemployment is an issue and I shouldn’t worry, you would solve it doesn’t and wouldn’t work. What are your plans to solve it? Tell me precisely what you would do. Maybe then I would start taking you serious. Education is an issue and so you create 9 more Universities. Have you finished catering for the 27 you already have? You can imagine Sheakarau putting up adverts on his achievements as governor. Says he built low-cost houses, sank bore holes… Pluezzzzeeee. So I should vote for you based on that?

I don’t know o but I think these people think we are either not smart… or they think this election would be like the others… They forget or maybe they don’t know that Nigerian Youths have passed that stage… Even if things don’t become the what they should be… we are starting something and when we are done, they would wonder what hit them…..

Btw, what happened to Presidential debates??? Woulda thought we would have had 1 or 2 by now… *smh* 2 months to election.

Just pondering.

2 thoughts on “Of Issue Based Campaigns and Nigeria

  1. Another issue for me is the fact that they expect me to come and struggle in the hot sun to listen to them speak at a rally. They are begging for my vote, yet they are not willing to do the work to get it. I see other countries where candidates travel around visiting factories, school and the likes and personally meeting the people they expect to vote. They may hold a rally here and there but its not the main campaign strategy. These guys sit in their comfort zone and are not willing to come out of it to win my vote. It leaves me to wonder how anyone can expect them to stick out their necks and do what it takes to solve our issues when the time comes.

    1. Abi o…. They would go to some stadium and say they are campaigning.. and all the people there are some supporters and people they rented…. plus dats just 1 city in d whole state…. and they want all the villages, hamlets and other cities in that state to vote for them…. anywayz, they are planning to rig before na…. so dey really don’t expect us to come listen not to talk of voting

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