Valentine’s Day

I HATE Vals day. Okay, may be Hate is too strong a word but I really don’t like Vals day…

Shoot me…

For me, it is just another day but the hype all around it, you would think it is Christmas or Easter.

My “beefs” for Vals day are legion….

Don’t worry, e ma no ga (don’t be in a hurry),  you would find out soon.

It started almost 12 years ago… yes that long… I was in JSS2… think it started before then sef….. I have had a lot of toasters… am proud of myself… shoot me… and more than half of them figured that if they VALed me… I had no right to say NO to them… you can imagine…. Valing me gave them a bragging right and immediately made them my boyfriend… see wahala.. Quickly and even till now, I advise guys not to Val me… because you would still get NO as an answer and I would gladly receive the gifts…

Same JSS2, some friend of mine (who apparently liked me) calls me after school on Feb 14. School don close o. I was just waiting for mumsie or the driver to show up so I can go home. And that much I told him. If mumsie or the driver shows up, I would leave. While waiting, the driver shows up and I go home. Abi? Years later, we got round to talking; SS3, I didn’t want to carry Secondary School beef into Uni (he stopped talking to me after that) and I asked why he stopped talking and he told me what happened. He had bought all the gifts his money could buy (maybe saved sef or borrowed), asked me to wait, comes back with his friends and the gifts and I had disappeared. In anger they go back to his class and MURDERED the cake… thrashed the gifts and his friends stopped talking to me. To them, I was a wicked person… Wahala…. But I told him I would leave na? Abi? Plus everybody else gave gifts since, na after school he remembered? (I guess the gifts came late, but what stopped him from telling me he was going to get the gifts?? Maybe he wanted to surprise me… Sorry, I spoilt his surprise.

Fast forward to SS2/SS3. These 2 friends of mine were dating. G and T. G doesn’t have money and Vals day is approaching. T is expecting Vals gifts.. G doesn’t tell T he doesn’t have money and he def wouldn’t borrow to satisfy a girl (thank you brother); man after my heart. Val’s day comes and no gift. T is upset. G’s male friends are upset. You can at least have borrowed money from us to Val her they said. I felt like stoning them… Why should a guy borrow to satisfy a chic? Kilode? (Why?). Here I was very happy and sad tho that G wasn’t brave enough to tell T he didn’t have money. Guys if you tell you chic you don’t have money and she is angry, my dear free her. Then G makes the biggest mistake a guy makes. He comes towards d end of the day (twas a Saturday in my SS3 and we had lessons so school was practically full) with Lollipop… yes you read right… Lollipop in the shape of a rose… *hitting my head on the wall*. What???? At that point, I lost hope…. Don’t get me wrong, I am a firm believer in the thoughts behind the gift (take my ex who was out of the country last Vals but went the extra mile to get me gifts and sent them down through a friend; boy I wasn’t expecting nada so I was pretty much very impressed and giddy with excitement) and not just how much the gift costs… and am sure at that moment G felt T was upset and needed to do something to save the day… but lollipop??? Funny his very good friend (another friend of mine D) who was dating another girl friend of mine T (the second) told her upfront he didn’t have money… It was left to T (the second) to decide… funny, she Valed him instead… Now that’s a girl after my heart. This issue would be discussed soon. Is it egosim on the part of guys or they just think all females are materialistic?

Another reason is I hate when something, someone or anything is hyped. Here in Nigeria, I don’t know about other countries (as I have never been out of Nigeria on Vals day), you would think it is Christmas… Left to Nigerians Vals day should be a public holiday (makes matters worse, there is a public holiday tomorrow). I started getting messages about Vals day as far back as January 5th and am thinking, didn’t we just end a round of spending??? As with everything hyped around me, I lose interest immediately. That’s why I have not seen movies like Avatar till now… and why I saw movies such as Sherlock Holmes immediately they came out. Guess Valentine’s day is the only hyped movie I have ever seen (because a friend proposed to his gf then on that day and asked that we all go see the movie together).

Also, why must it be one day out of 365 days, people “decide to show love”? Why can’t you buy flowers, perfumes, take him/her to that restaurant or visit the spa on any other day. Don’t get me wrong, I know people do these and more on other days but for must people, IT IS ON VALS DAY, they remember to “show love”. What happens on the remaining 364 days???

Broadcasts….. curse of having a BB… Like I don’t know what February 14 is??? I have made up my mind to delete the next person that sends me a broadcast on BB… I am that upset.

Finally, TRAFFIC…. Omo mehn, you should be in Lagos on Vals day. The last 3 years have made me detest it even more… Lagos on a normal day is crazy… Rain or sun, on Vals day, roads would be blocked. 2 years ago (thank God I was home), heard it was mahd traffic…. Last year, coming back from church on a Sunday, took me almost 3 hours to get home… something that would take max, 20 minutes from V/I to Lekki… *smh*. Today, am planning to leave work as early as possible to beat traffic…

To the romantics who are so into Vals day, not my plan to ruin your day, so do have fun ehn… and don’t do what I wouldn’t do (if you aint married)

And wanna wish my dear cousin Ifeoluwa (all these Valentine babies) a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY… Love you so much. xoxo

Just pondering

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