Hello world!

Blogging…. hmmmmm..

Wanted to write a blog for so long… Just couldn’t think of a name or theme for it.

Thankfully a friend helped me out with picking a name and a theme.

This is a blog on issues all around me… political (mostly political as my country is on the threshold of holding a make or break election)…. music…. fashion (I am the last person who should write on fashion but I would try)…. relationships…. GOD…… anything that comes to mind… though I might digress and write about not as important stuff… or non-issues…

This is my OWN opinion on issues…. but feel free to drop by and have your say….

Gonna leave you with a non-issue.. A note I wrote some months back on Facebook..

“They Say”

They say I am incapable of loving….

They say I listen to “sad love songs”… the Another Day (Lemar), Time to Grow (Lemar still), On Bended Knees (Boyz II Men)… or the boring ones… Speechless (MJ), Power of Love (Celine Dion), I Knew I loved you (Savage Garden),  Endless Love (Lionel Richie)…

They say I am not romantic, not spontaneous, too rigid, not impulsive, too logical. They say “You think things through and through”, “You are not flexible”, “You are hard”.

They say I am not materialistic, not easily impressed, too independent, “Chics like money, why are you different”, “What can I do to make you trip?”, “You don’t accept things from people”.

They say I am simple. They say I don’t date. They say I keep guys at arms length (like am a lesbian). They ask “Are you straight?” Imagine!!!

They say I am emotionless. “We can’t decipher when you like someone or not”.

They say I am simple. They say I am weird; “You are strange”, “You are not like others”.

They ask me to define LOVE.

They say I am commitment phobic. They say “The way you are going, you would end up ALONE, you would NEVER marry.. no husband, no children, JUST YOU (emphasis on ALONE, NEVER and JUST YOU).

I ask, is it a sin to be simple? Should I wear my emotions on my face? If I want to spend my own money, should that be a problem to you? If being impulsive or spontaneous makes me make the wrong decisions or makes me compromise, would you advise to?

I am not materialistic, not easily impressed.. May be it is the mere fact that you remember me or call me that trips me as against the things you think money can buy (which might trip others).

I don’t date, I keep guys at arms length, are you straight? (Like seriously). I don’t/didn’t date you, does that mean I don’t date? I keep you at arms length, does that mean I keep guys at arms length?

For those asking me to define love… I don’t know the definition. Can you like try to define it?

I am commitment phobic. May be. May be at times, the “bolts” in my head get loosened and I run. Or maybe I get scared when I get close to a guy and I bolt.

But I think its all my BUSINESS not yours.

Finally brethren, please let me be… IT IS MY LIFE.

Btw, just testing my writing skills, lol.

Hope you like it.

NB: Somethings were taken out of the original note and some added…

Let the issues begin

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