GEJ and his rascals

This is a day late but I just can’t get over the fact that GEJ referred to some state Governors as RASCALS.

At a recent gathering to flag off his campaign in the South West President Goodluck Jonathan said “The southwest is too important to be left in the hands of rascals. We must take it over from them. The ruling party must take over Lagos. We must also take over Osun and Ekiti states”.

How the President of a country would forget himself at a rally beats me. He seems to forget he is not just a Presidential candidate for a political party but at this moment is also the PRESIDENT of a country; a PHd holder….

I have had cause in times past to be worried about Mr. Jonathan’s utterances take for example his comment about the October 1 bomb blast and the attendant issues with MEND claiming responsibility and GEJ saying it wasn’t MEND. He sure must be giving his PR guys serious issues trying to clean up after him; by the way what is their job if they can’t school him on how to talk in public. I guess in the bid to earn their pay, they allow him talk gibberish so they have work to do. I don’t know much about Public Relations but I would have thought saying the right things to avoid trouble would be part of what PR agents are taught.

Or better still he doesn’t know what the word rascal means; rogue: a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel.

For those who know much about the South West, I guess the word rascal doesn’t apply to the Akalas, Daniels, Agagus, Oyinlolas and Onis of this Nigeria. Maybe the words looters, thugs, murderers would apply to them. People who stole others mandates and ruled for upwards of 3 years, almost 4 years in some states. People who have nothing to show for the years they have been in power/were in power (for those the courts sacked). And I know because I am from Osun State, lived in Oyo State (Ibadan to be precise for over 20 years; till 2008) and schooled in Ogun State for 4 years…. Currently in Lagos State and I KNOW THE DIFFERENCE.

Still wondering and pondering on what must have been going on in his mind when he made the statement. For the leader of a party whose two remaining Governors in the South West are what Yorubas would call Olori Rascals (Head of Rascals) to call others rascals?, I still don’t get it.

Looking at it from another angle, since we all know who the rascals really are… maybe he is telling us not to re-elect the Akalas and the ensure the Daniels don’t make it.

Just pondering

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